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How to Implement a Street Smart NJ Campaign

Launching a Street Smart NJ campaign takes planning and collaboration. While campaigns are typically four to six weeks long, the planning often begins months in advance. It starts with a community of key stakeholders (i.e., police officers, elected officials, community groups and other municipal departments and agencies) who will decide where to focus the campaign and when and how it will be conducted. The North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) staff are available to give overview presentations and help communities get started. In some cases, the state’s eight Transportation Management Associations are also available to support local campaigns.

There are a number of factors to consider before starting your campaign, including analyzing data to identify focus areas; recruiting campaign partners to help raise awareness of pedestrian safety; working with community groups to promote the campaign; and displaying and distributing information once the campaign is underway. Police Departments can also apply to the state Division of Highway Traffic Safety for grants to fund police overtime for pedestrian safety enforcement efforts. For more information on funding cycles and how to apply visit

There are several tools available to communities interested in launching a campaign including a Campaign Planning Checklist and a How to Guide.

The Resources Page has downloadable campaign materials and social media tools that are available to communities interested in launching their own campaigns.