Newark Street Smart NJ Campaign Kickoff

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The City of Newark is kicking off a year-long Street Smart NJ campaign in an effort to make city streets safer for pedestrians.

The campaign is being conducted in partnership with EZ Ride Transportation Management Association, with support from the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety and the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority. The campaign will focus on five intersection (one in each of the City’s wards):

  • Ferry Street & Van Buren Street
  • Avon Avenue & South 12th Street
  • Bergen Street & South Orange Avenue
  • Bloomfield Avenue and Clifton Avenue
  • Broad Street & Market Street

Event participants include:

  • Public Safety Director Brian O’Hara, City of Newark
  • Philip Scott, Director, Department of Engineering, City of Newark
  • Eric Heitmann, Director, New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety
  • Lisa Lee, Deputy Director, Bike & Pedestrian Programs, EZ Ride

The news conference is being held during the Newark Police Department’s community roll call. The Police Department began the events in June to build a more positive relationship between officers and community members.