Monday, November 8, 2021

Crash Responder Safety Week – 2021

Today marks the start of Crash Responder Safety Week in New Jersey and across the country.

Drivers in New Jersey are required to move over or slow down for emergency responders on the side of the road — this includes police, fire, EMS, utility workers, transportation road crews and tow trucks.

Governor Murphy signed a proclamation noting that nationwide 46 emergency responders working on the roadside have been truck and killed this year. This includes 20 law enforcement officers, 16 tow truck operators, seven firefighters, two department of transportation/safety service patrol personnel and one mobile mechanic.

“Crash Responder Safety Week is a nationally recognized initiative to bring awareness to and educate motorists about responder safety during traffic incidents and the importance of abiding by established Slow Down, Move Over laws that protect first responders and motorists during crashes,” Governor Murphy said in the proclamation.

New Jersey drivers who fail to slow down or move over for vehicles with emergency lights on are subject to fines between $100 and $500. Last year, New Jersey strengthened its law. If drivers are convicted of the offense three times or more in one year they will also face two motor vehicle points on their driver’s license, which may result in additional penalties, including surcharges and license suspension.